Carrier Solutions

Our Carrier Solutions

We have two carrier software solutions that can work independently or seamlessly together. Whether you are looking to increase writings, mitigate risk, or get up to speed with the newest efficiency technologies, we have you covered.

SuretyCloud: Carrier Sponsor

The SuretyCloud is a unique solution focused on increasing your sales through new opportunities by investing in agency relationships.

Surety market cycles come and go. With each cycle, the surety market landscape drastically changes. To date, sureties have had relatively few tools to combat these market cycles, none of which are friendly to a carrier's bottom line. The SuretyCloud was developed for long-term surety players in mind as a way to combat soft surety markets.

SuretyCORE: Carrier Management System (CMS)

The SuretyCORE is a turn-key, carrier side solution that will quickly bring your organization into the digital age. It allows your focus to remain on surety, not software development.

Creating software for the surety industry is a tall mountain to climb. With so many exceptions to the rules, it requires heavy involvement from surety professionals. Even when you think you have planned for every scenario, a new one pops up and your development costs and time continue to grow.

The SuretyCORE was created by surety professionals and an IT team with decades of combined surety experience. Why spend years and an unpredictable amount of capital by developing in-house when a turn-key solution is finally available? Get the newest in automation technology integrated quickly and with less capital investment.

Carrier Solution Features


New Lead Opportunities

Full End-To-End Digital Bond Processing
Military Grade Security
ACORD Compliant
Superior Fraud Prevention (compared to paper POA)
Ability To Use Traditional Paper POA
International Bonding
SignatureMaster Integration
No IT Involvement
No IT Needed

IT Involvement Needed
Up-Front Capital Investment

If Installed On-Premises
Financial Analysis
Claim Management
Rate Compliance
POA Management
Option To Install On-Premises
SaaS Only

SaaS or On-Premises
Cost Contact Us For Details Contact Us For Details