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Why is the SBPAA needed?

Agency commissions are the single largest expense for every profitable carrier. In the past, carriers have been unable to successfully cut agencies out and go direct without impacting their overall writings. Technology is changing how business is transacted faster than ever before and no industry is immune to change.

Technology has already disrupted retail brick and mortar stores more than anyone could have anticipated. With over a trillion in annual premium in the U.S. alone and $5+ trillion globally, the insurance industry is a very alluring segment. Most insure-tech solutions are focused on the carriers, how to make them more efficient and cut their costs.

Technology disruption is coming to the surety industry and the insurance industry as a whole. We intend on keeping bond producers competitive and in the equation.

Who is the SBPAA?

The SBPAA is made up of surety bond producers that have been screaming for proper surety software solutions for years. Every producer in our network adds to our volume pool of policies, increasing the allure to our Sponsor Carriers, which directly contributes to our ability to develop new functionality to our systems.

If you are tired of carrier centric surety systems that digitize your work, but don't provide the tools you need to succeed in the digital age, then join our network today! It is our collective strength that will help us to remain relevant in the technology age.